South Pennine Singers

About the choir...

The ‘South Pennine Singers’ is a small chamber choir, membership being drawn from the Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale areas of Lancashire.


The choir performs a number of concerts each year in a variety of locations. Repertoire is varied, ranging from madrigals to modern - with many stops in between.


The choir was formed  in March 1988, the result of a nucleus of interested people looking for somewhere to sing. After only a few rehearsals the singers felt that they would like to share their enthusiasm with anyone who would care to listen and so the concert programme of the South Pennine Singers was launched.


Other those 27 years the number of singers has varied little, ranging from about 15 to a maximum of 24. Of course, personnel have changed, although a core of the original group still attend.


Whilst we enjoy our singing, we don't take ourselves too seriously and laughter is never too far away.